I should stop comparing myself to others. Though, it sucks whenever I hear friends landing an awesome job.

I keep hearing that twentysomethings are not all supposed to have their life figured out already. It’s the selfish years where we continue to explore inward and outward and grasp what the world has to offer while we still have the time.

It would be great if I could put that psychology degree to good use. What am I doing now to get to that point?

Once again I’m being ignored for no reason. I need to remember that I shouldn’t keep on giving myself. Where is the reciprocation? Honestly, I should have been over this, yet my mind ends up wandering back to you. 

I feel pathetic.

For a long time the idea of calling me a photographer has sounded so pretentious to me. Now, hearing others calling me a photographer should not affect me sound so showy, I mean it pretty much says it on the back of my work uniform. I know more than what I ever did on my own.  I only picked it up as a hobby a couple years ago, but I feel like I see the world in different perspectives and notice the features of everyday things that others often miss. Hearing what people say about some of my shots gives me so much affirmation and validation about what I’m doing is worth something. I would shy away and think no way it’s nothing I just point and then shoot. Once I started getting requests for paid shoots I was in disbelief and overwhelmed that someone believes in what I do so much that they’ll pay me for my time and effort. Yet, I shrugged it off and tried to be modest and I still couldn’t see my worth.

A few hours ago I received a check in my hand as payment for my photography. My photos will be displayed in the middle of the UTC mall for hungry customers of the new Frost Me Gourmet Cupcakes that will open in 2 weeks. I was so happy to finally finish that project and to savor in the idea that the photos I did for the bakery is going to be out there for people to see.

You supported me with this when I couldn’t even see my own worth. I was scared to this, but all I needed was that extra hard and truthful push from you. I guess you’re right; you are my backbone, my support. That little argument weeks ago gave me that boost of confidence I needed to help me realize that I am good at what I do. I feel like I’m rambling on with this throughout the night, but I am so grateful.

All that became a catalyst to more photography opportunities and also a boost of self-confidence in more aspects than this one.

I come up with these existential self-loathing thoughts that speaks so well and once I try to put those thoughts down all I am left with is a blank page. 


"what music are you into?"
"i like this! it’s very grown up…"

My niece has been watching Peppa Pig lately

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Love is giving someone the power to destroy you, but trusting them not to.


Love is giving someone the power to destroy you, but trusting them not to.

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Disclosure | Latch (Daniela Andrade cover)

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In any relation, always get what you want. Never give yourself endlessly.

A reminder of what I do. A relationship works both ways.

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When you wait for your parents to get in a good mood to ask them for somethin by RayRay Durant

The struggle.

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  • I almost got into another accident again yesterday. A truck ran a red light and hit the car to the left of me as we drove across the intersection. Stepped on my brakes at the right time and felt like I had a mini heart attack as I recalled what happened last time I was in an accident. The most important thing is that everyone was alright.
  • I’m glad I still have friends from elementary school I still keep in touch with after all these years. A solid friendship is when you can pick up right where you all left off and feeling like no time has passed. 
  • It’s not fair how you act at times when you’ve done the same thing to me already. Although, it at least shows you care. 
  • Showing my family around the zoo made me appreciate my job and the overall environment. I work at a world famous zoo! I’m surrounded by exotic animals and plants and the occasional disgruntled guest. There are days where I’m just over my job, but then there are days when I really love it.
  • Why must people be so complicated
  • I need to stop going to Hammond’s. It’s on the route I take going back home so it’s hard not to stop by and get ice cream.
  • I’ve been out more often than usual that I hardly see my family. 
  • If anyone wants some photos done for me them let me know. I need to step it up on my portraits since I hardly take photos of people. 

ahh Sir Ian McKellen, you’ve done it again.

Run, you fools!


ahh Sir Ian McKellen, you’ve done it again.

Run, you fools!

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